Truth Seekers

One of the fundamental responsibilities of every Christian is to grow in Christ.  One of the fundamental responsibilities of every church is to disciple the people into knowing more about Christ.  This fall we are refocusing our Sunday School program in an attempt to refresh and challenge our people to get involved in Sunday School again or for the first time.  If you are a believer looking to grow and be challenge in your faith I encourage you to come and get connected to our New adult bible study "Truth Seekers" beginning the first Sunday of September.  The class will be meeting in the chapel we will be working our way through the Bible beginning in Isiah.  Truth Seekers will be our main adult Sunday school class and most of our current classes will be uniting in this one class to kick it off this fall.  Gene Bailey will be our first quarter teacher followed by a different teacher each quarter.  After our first quarter we will have special quarterly classes that will be launched to give increased opportunity for more people to be discipled in Christ!  

Come join in on this new beginning!