I'm New

Welcome to Maple View Church of Christ!  We're a community of believers seeking to grow in our relationship with Christ and unity with each other. 

We are a non-denominational church with a desire to be "simply Christians"  while living out the scriptures faithfully.

Here's some ideas to get you started.

Feel free to take a moment now and get to know us by viewing our Vision, Mission, and Core Values located on the About Us tab.  You will also find our staff pictured on that tab as well as the directions to our location and the times of service to better help you plan your first visit with us.

On your first visit, stop by the Welcome Center in the main entrance and receive a small gift just for being our guest.  Here you will learn the what, when, and where of Maple View.  The nice people there will answer all of your questions and direct you on your way.

Right after each service we welcome you to meet with our Senior Minister, Caleb Penwell.

Once again, Welcome to Maple View!

Great!  You like it at Maple View and you want to get more involved.  We're here to help you experience what it means to become a Christ follower.  So what's next?  We suggest connecting the following ways.

  • Worship - Bring your family and come ready to worship God and meet with friends every week.
  • Join a 242 group
  • Study - We have weekly studies for you to get involved with.  Check out our service times online.  If you would like to know more about these opportunities contact the church office for more information.
  • Serve - In the church... around town... around the world.  Serving helps us become just like Jesus and helps us fulfill the mission that he has given us as a church.  So go put Christ's Love Into Action everywhere. 
  • Share - Whether it's your time, money or abilities, work on being wildly generous with what God has gifted you.
  • Connect - We invite you to spend some time after service hanging out in the lobby and getting to know folks.  Also every quarter we have a Guest Luncheon for those interested in learning about membership placement.  Please contact the church office to find out the date of the next luncheon.

Start Connecting