Welcome to Maple View Student Life Ministries!

God loves you, we love you, and there is a place for you here in Maple View's student ministry!

If you are a parent we want you to know that we are zealous for God, His
Word, we love you, your youth and with God's help want them to reach there
full potential in Jesus.  This is our Vision.

Vision for Maple View's Student Life Ministry.
1.  To be immersed believer's in Jesus Christ.
2.  To have knowledge of the Word of God.
3.  To have strong Christian character through discipleship.
4.  To have servant's hearts.
5.  To remain an active working part of the body of Christ after you graduate.
6.  To submit to the Lordship of Jesus and commit to a daily quiet time of prayer and bible study.
7.  To Commit to Jesus' Command to make disciples of all nations, regardless of career choice.

Three additional keys students are encouraged to pursue.
1.  To pursue at least one year of Christian College or Bible College to grow deeper in their walk.
2.  To preach or teach the Gospel.
3.  To go into vocational Christian service.

Each person decides how committed they are going to be, but this is our
vision, these are our goals.  It comes directly from the scriptures.
Everything we do will work to develop fully committed followers of Jesus.
We invite you to come along and join us, in what God is calling us to.

Thank you for taking time to read through our webpage.  Come on out and
join us.  God is leading in an amazing way!  Look forward to meeting you

God bless and see you soon!

Got any questions?